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    Welcome to Nourish Your Nervous System

    • Introduction to Nourish Your Nervous System eCourse

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    Module 1 - Let's Talk About Stress

    • Video- Module 1_Let's Talk About Stress

    • Module 1_Let's Talk About Stress

    • Module 1_Worksheet

    • Module 1_Body Stress Record_Worksheet

    • The Body Stress Record Worksheet_Video Support

    • Body Scan and Release Meditation

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    Module 2 - Nutrition for your Nervous System

    • Video- Module 2_Nutrition for Your Nervous System

    • Module 2_Nutrition for your Nervous System

    • Module 2_Worksheet

    • Meal Plan Template

    • Module 2_Meal Ideas & Recipes

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    Module 3 - Stress Reducing Practices Part One

    • Module 3_Stress Reducing Practices Part 1 Video

    • Module 3_Stress Reducing Practices Part 1

    • Module 3_Worksheet

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    Module 4 - Let's Get Personal

    • Module 4_Let's Get Personal_Video

    • Module 4_Let's Get Personal

    • Protect & Ground Your Energy Meditation

    • Module 4_Worksheet

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    Module 5 - Stress Reducing Practices Part Two

    • Module 5_Stress Reducing Practices Part 2 Video

    • Module 5_Stress Reducing Practices Part 2

    • Module 5_Worksheet

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    Module 6 - Deep Dive

    • Module 6_Deep Dive Video

    • Module 6_Deep Dive

    • Module 6_Worksheet

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    • Conclusion_Video

    • Conclusion_Your Nourishing Nervous System Practice

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    BONUS Meditations

    • Tension-Release Breath Practice

    • Thought Witness Practice

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    BONUS Naturopath's Sleep Well Guide

    • Sleep Well Guide

Nourish Your Nervous System

A six module online course to reduce stress and nurture a connection with the deeper you.

Why Nourish Your Nervous System?

The Nourish Your Nervous System online course has been created with the intention to help you to begin to shift out of survival mode, to calm stress reactivity and to nourish your nervous system. To support and guide you to create the space for you to reconnect with the deeper you, to hold this space with presence for yourself and bring the innermost you back into your life. The risk of living in survival mode and feeling stressed and reactive for the majority of your time can lead to chronic exhaustion and depletion. It is a negative feeling state that we are not designed to stay in. This course helps to support you to begin to shift out of this state of stress, to calm your nervous system, do things differently and feel different. This course is for you if:

  • You have become habituated to the stress response, it is normal for you to feel stressed, tired, exhausted, rushed, hurried, impatient or busy.

  • You have been taking care of children, elderly or other people in general for a period of time at the expense of your own self-care and are now feeling tired, stressed, drained, depleted.

  • You are a mother who has given your all to your children and feel drained, depleted, busy and tired.

  • You want to do things differently, you know you need to make a change and you are ready to make the change for you and your family.

  • You are ready to introduce effective practices into your life that have been proven to reduce stress hormones.

  • You want to feel relaxed and more connected to the deeper you and you give yourself permission to make time for periods of self-care practices.

  • You are curious about how to eat better to supply crucial nutrients for stress and relaxation support.

It's time to take care of you.

Begin to Nourish Your Nervous System now.



Dianna Moroney

Hi, I’m Dianna Moroney, degree qualified Naturopath, Certified Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) Practitioner and Certified Coach. I am mother to two young children and care deeply about personal healing and being actively responsible for one's own personal evolution. With self-awareness and consciousness of our own thoughts, behaviours and responses as much as we can, we can parent our children consciously with as minimal as we can transference of our own emotional wounds. The more we become present in ourselves, the increased ability we have to change unhelpful conditioned responses and heal old wounds and the less likely we will be to pass these on to our children. Naturally, I have an interest in mind-body healing and this is what I work with predominately in clinic.

Born out of a need for Peace

The Nourish Your Nervous System online course was born out of a need for peace. Becoming more aware of unhelpful thoughts, past conditioned thought patterns and habitual internal reactions, increasing physical and muscular tension, back pain, facial tension and a persistent feeling of being on edge, hyper-alert, can’t quite relax as I might have to jump up any second as a mother to two young children, I decided that I didn’t want to be this way anymore.

Over years I intermittently sought relief for my discomforts – massage, chiropractic, osteopathy, physio, energy healing. All these modalities played their own role in helping, but nothing helped to relieve my tension, discomfort, even physical pain at times, for too long.

I would always return to my usual way of life, primary carer of two young children, must be on top of everything, feeling like life is a struggle in my own mind- yes my way of thinking. Eventually I realised that no one modality/practitioner, no matter how expert and knowledgeable they were, had the solution. I needed to change in each moment. The way I thought, what I did, how I responded and reacted to stimuli (life).

The only constant in my life was me. My thoughts, my attitudes, my personality, the way I interpreted life around me. If I wanted to feel different I was the only one with me all the time, it was up to me to change how I was feeling. To first notice my thoughts and out of my own curiosity, to understand why I thought that way. Conditioning. Unconscious programming. I could become more conscious about what I was thinking, how I perceived my life and how I responded.

When I noticed a stress reaction, feel my muscles tense up and catch my self wishing for this point in time to be other than what it was, I could consciously intervene and choose to respond differently. I trained myself to connect in with my physical body, to consciously release physical tension, and change my train of conditioned negative, helpless, frustrated thoughts to observe the moment as purely as I could without an added overlay of unnecessary stress. This was key to reducing stress in my body and changing how I was feeling. No amount of massages or physical therapies would change my conscious awareness on a day to day, moment to moment basis, this was up to me. And this is where true change exists.

I was gradually decreasing the amount of time that I was living in the fight or flight response of stress. Slowly, the physical tension reduced, I spent less time feeling helpless and trying to figure out who could help me or what the problem was. I helped myself, every time I needed it.

In order to connect with my deeper self, this was much easier to do when I was less clouded by stress, reactivity and hyper-alertness. Hence the importance and value of a Nourishing Nervous System Practice. A Nourishing Nervous System Practice incorporates stress reducing practices that reduce stress hormones in the body and allow you to see and feel more clearly. Here I could easily access my deeper self, what I was truly feeling, needing, or to simply just be.

A Nourishing Nervous System Practice also puts a halt to the drain on the nervous system that adrenaline and cortisol can lead to. You may even enter the Relaxation Response, a restorative physical state to be in that supports recovery from stress.

I organically began to create this course, as I could see how stress was and is affecting many of us in the way we live today. I believe that these ideas, practices and methods can really help people. Not only with stress reduction, but also to support you to connect with your deeper self, your true inner self, where your wisdom lies, and can be a guide for one’s own life, a connection with your intuition. To support you to consciously begin to reduce stress, check in with your life and help yourself. To understand the value of a Nourishing Nervous System Practice, what this is and how to create one for yourself.

With my background in Naturopathy, I incorporated the Nutrition aspect to nourish the nervous system. I have included information on the key critical nutrients required for the body to produce hormones, process stress and calm the nervous system, which can all impact on how one feels. Our physical bodies require nutrition to survive and thrive, and people are at varying levels of understanding of what their bodies need nutritionally, so with a basic understanding this can make a difference for a lot of people.

I have learnt in person from the leading expert in adrenal fatigue, the 21st century stress syndrome, Dr. James L. Wilson. I have worked with many clients in my clinical practice over the years to support their recovery from adrenal fatigue, a condition that chronic stress can lead to.

I have studied meditation, Buddhism, yoga, breath-work. I am a certified coach. I have invested many hours in studying the scientific literature to find methods that have been observed to reduce stress hormones.

To know your true self, to live your life on purpose, to give yourself the best chance of living in the present- the only time life is happening; to connect in with your body, to bring your mind home, to feel the vibration of life, the living energy that is within you all of the time but can become overlaid with stress and distraction; this is what I wish for you. When you are ready, you will find your way.

This course is for you if:

  • You want to stop living in survival mode

  • You want to feel different and do things differently

  • You are ready to reconnect with your body

  • You are ready to take care of and nourish your body

  • You are willing to commit some time daily to you

  • You are ready to dive deep into some of the filters and past conditioning with which you experience your world

  • You want to begin to influence your life around the way you want it to feel and look like

  • You want to be present to your innermost you and and make conscious choices about your life instead of always running on autopilot

  • You want to give yourself time to reconnect with the inner you and wind down from years of stress

  • You want your own daily Nourishing Nervous System Practice and want guidance in how to create this for yourself, including proven methods to reduce stress hormones

Start Here

It's time to take care of you. Begin to Nourish Your Nervous System now.

Nourish Your Nervous System eCourse

The complete six module online course with the luxury to complete in your own time

1:1 Personal Naturopathic Support

Add a Naturopathic Consultation Package for $567

Receive personalised support along with the Nourish Your Nervous System online course. Included in this upgrade package option is three 1:1 online or telephone consultations. You will receive an Initial Naturopathic Consultation, a Naturopathic Care Plan Consultation and Follow Up Care Consultation, all conducted virtually or by phone to personalise your experience, address your specific health concerns and/or goals and give you one on one support to really lift you up. These consultations are given by degree qualified Naturopath Dianna Moroney, creator of The Nourish Your Nervous System online course.

Purchase the Nourish Your Nervous System online course above at $297 and to add the 3 x 1:1 Naturopathic Consultation Package at $567, contact me here:

(Total investment of $864 for six module online course and 3 x 1:1 virtual Naturopathic Consultations. Possible naturopathic testing and supplementation cost additional as indicated. Additional consultations may be purchased as required.)


  • What do I get when I purchase the online course?

    For less than the cost of two consultations, you can take home a deeper understanding of what is going on in your body when you are feeling stressed (for those of us who love to understand the hows and the whys), guidance and templates to support you to connect and recognise when your body is reacting with stress, where it is holding it and exercises to begin to release the physical stress from the very first module, nutrition to support the processing of stress and plenty of nourishing food and meal ideas and some recipes too, all designed to include specific nutrients for stress, relaxation and nervous system support. You will be given the results of my research into many proven Stress Reducing Practices most of which you can do right away in your own home. Modules 4 and 6 guide you through a coaching process to support you to make changes in your life to begin to reduce the energy drainers and stress triggers as well as enhance and increase the things that make you feel good. You will be guided to look at potential internal drivers of stress and see if you can begin to make some positive shifts for yourself here too. By the end of the course not only will you have more body awareness and techniques to shift from a state of tension and stress, you will be set up to have your own personal selection of practices to make up your very own Nourishing Nervous System Practice that you can experience as regularly as you like, to check out of survival mode, reduce stress hormones and connect to the deeper you. You are also provided with several audio meditations for you to download and keep to listen to whenever you feel like; to further support your mind-body connection and awareness, practice meditation and physical tension release.

  • Can I just do this myself without the course?

    If you feel you can do this yourself, that is wonderful, a regular practice makes for the best results. You notice the changes in how you feel and are switching out of stress mode on a consistent basis, eating to nourish and are aware of your internal and external drivers of stress and are managing those on your own and you are not looking for anything else. This course is for people who would like a structured program to help take them from stress and survival mode to reduced stress in body and mind, a connection with their deeper self and an established Nourishing Nervous System Practice incorporating evidence based methods.

  • What about refunds?

    Refunds do not apply due to the digital and instant access nature of the course. You are welcome to contact me to discuss if the course is a good fit for you prior to purchase.

  • What is included in the Nourish Your Nervous System e-Course?

    Six modules including videos, manuals, worksheets, templates, recipes and audio meditations to guide and support you through the process to nourish your nervous system. Start with the video, read the manual then do the worksheet. Utilise the audio meditations, templates and bonus resources along the way to support your experience further. All documents and audio are downloadable so that you can access them offline and print them out.

  • Can I access the course from my phone?

    Yes, you can access the course from your phone, computer, laptop and tablet.

Learning Objectives

Nourish Your Nervous System Course

  • Module 1 - Let's Talk About Stress

    • How your brain, hormones and body are working together to save your life • Understand what the stress response is • The hormones of stress • How the stress response is triggered • An appreciation of why your body responds with stress and how it is designed to protect you • The problem with chronic stress- how it may impact your health • How stress affects your hormones: ~ Menstrual cycle ~ Thyroid hormones ~ Insulin and blood sugar regulation • The Relaxation Response- what is it and why is it important? • To identify stress in your body PRACTICAL WORK: • Worksheet- Getting to Know When Your Body is Stressed • Audio Body Scan Meditation

  • Module 2 - Nutrition for Your Nervous System

    • The key vitamins, minerals and nutrients required for optimal function of your nervous system • How these specific nutrients are utilised in your body • Healthy food sources to nourish your nervous system • How to cook foods to preserve nutrient content and avoid destroying much needed vitamins • Nourishing Nutrient Dense Nervous System Meals SUPPORT RESOURCES INCLUDED: * Nourishing Nervous System Recipes * Nourishing Nervous System Meal Ideas * Meal Plan Template *Worksheet to help get you on your way to implementing all that you have learnt

  • Module 3 - Stress Reducing Practices Part 1

    • Practical methods scientifically found to have a stress-reducing effect • Methods to reduce stress hormones (cortisol, adrenaline) • How to induce the Relaxation Response • Stress reducing practices that may reduce blood pressure • Stress reducing practices that may improve immune function PRACTICAL WORK: Begin your nourishing nervous system practice

  • Module 4 - Let's Get Personal

    • Your personal stress triggers, both internal and external • Take decided and focused action to reduce your personal stress triggers • Your personal energy drainers • What type of response you have to when things feel out of your control and what is likely the best way for you to approach these situations PRACTICAL WORK: • Personal stress triggers and energy drainers discovery worksheet to make this all about you • Protect and ground your energy meditation

  • Module 5 - Stress Reducing Practices Part 2

    • An understanding of the heart-brain connection • What a coherent physiological state is and the benefits • How your mind can reduce stress in your body • How to establish a meditation practice • A simple and effective yoga pose for relaxation to add to your collection of relaxation practices • Establish a gratitude practice to begin to train your mind to focus on the positive • PRACTICAL WORK: * Expand and further explore nourishing nervous system practices

  • Module 6 - Deep Dive

    • The connection between respiration and different emotions • The Joyful Breath • PRACTICAL WORK: • Your 3 main beliefs/thoughts that cause you stress • A process of changing your 3 main beliefs/thoughts to consciously chosen and useful replacements • Your personal energy givers and what brings you joy, and a plan to bring/increase these into your life • Tension-Release Visualisation

  • Conclusion

    Recap of all of the stress reducing practices that we have covered in the course, sample Nourishing Nervous System Practices and practical ideas on how to continue to incorporate them into your life to maintain the benefits.

Bonus material

Free resources just for you

  • Naturopath's Sleep Well Guide

    Ensure your sleep habits, environment, and practices are supporting your sleep for the most easeful and restorative sleep with the Naturopath's Sleep Well Guide.

  • Downloadable Audio Meditations

    Connect in with your body and practice releasing tension with The Tension-Release Breath Practice Meditation and learn to meditate with the Thought Witness Practice Meditation. These meditations are included as extra support for you to release the tension in your body and take a break from the whirlwind of constant thoughts. As these meditations are downloadable, you may utilise these gifts throughout the course and beyond.

  • The 2 Week Body Cleanse Program

    Receive The 2 Week Body Cleanse Program for free when you purchase Nourish Your Nervous System online course. The 2 Week Body Cleanse Program includes a 7 day meal plan and further support for healthy eating, cooking and cleansing body practices that you can do to give your body further nourishment and support. The 2 Week Body Cleanse Program is valued at $47, and is a free gift for participants of Nourish Your Nervous System online course.

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Reduce stress and connect to the deeper you

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